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Harmonious health concepts for beauty
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I have been familiar with natural remedies since my childhood. My grandmother always treated my injuries with herbs and other natural medicines. However, after her death, this was forgotten for some time.

In 1990, when I was diagnosed with an "incurable disease" with a prognosis of being in a wheelchair by the time I was 40, I began to look again for natural remedies that could help me. At first, herbs brought me relief, and I also began receiving foot reflexology three times a week. Later I got to know homeopathy and also psychological methods like "Radical Forgiveness", constellations according to Hellinger, meditation and much more.

Although it took a long time, I was finally able to defeat the "incurable disease". Through this experience I got to know myself better and realized my fascination for such methods. From my own self-help grew the urge to help others. For me, the word "impossible" no longer exists.

In addition to herbs and other natural methods, I have also incorporated massage therapies into my treatment. The soothing effects of massage have helped to alleviate my physical and emotional ailments and support my healing process. My connection to nature and my enthusiasm for natural healing methods have not only helped me improve my own health, but have also created a desire to help others in their health journey.

My fascination with health and beauty served as an inspirational foundation for my professional career. The deep-rooted enthusiasm for natural healing methods and aesthetic beauty motivated me to find my way in a profession that allows me to help other people improve their health and develop their natural beauty. In this work, I continue to discover new ways to combine my knowledge and passion, and it fills me with great joy to have a positive impact on my clients' well-being and self-esteem.


Experience the soothing and healing power of reflexology and treat yourself with a break to bring body and mind into harmony.


Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and pure enjoyment with a soothing beauty massage.


Give your body and mind a well-deserved time out and experience the magic of a relaxing anti-stress massage.

Discover the variety of other treatments and be inspired by new experiences.



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13353 Berlin

Tel.: 177-546-2682

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