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Psychosomatic massage has a pronounced calming and antidepressant effect, reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety, restores sleep and fills the body with a feeling of sensual comfort. I invite you to this amazing treatment in these fast-paced, stressful times.

I recommend this massage to everyone because its technique aims to restore psychophysical health.


Access Bars is a gentle, non-invasive method aimed at improving awareness and well-being. It is a form of energy work in which specific points on the head are gently touched.

During the treatment, 32 specific points on the head are touched, called "bars". These points are associated with different areas of life such as creativity, healing, money, control and communication.

By gently touching these points, blockages and limitations in these areas of life can be released, which can help improve awareness and well-being. Access Bars is often used as a form of stress reduction and relaxation.

If you are looking for a gentle and non-invasive way to improve awareness and well-being, Access Bars may be an interesting option for you.

However, it is important to note that Access Bars is not an alternative to medical treatment and a doctor should always be consulted for serious or acute illnesses.

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Aromatouch Massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that uses essential oils to promote wellness. It is a special technique developed by Dr. David K. Hill that aims to relax and support the body on a deep level.

During an Aromatouch massage, eight different essential oils are applied to the back and feet and gently massaged in. The oils are applied in a specific order to promote body balance and heal the body naturally.

The benefits of Aromatouch massage often include deeper relaxation, stress reduction, relief from pain, improved sleep, boosting the immune system and promoting a positive mood.


A head and neck massage is a popular type of massage that involves massaging one's neck and head to reduce tension, pain and stress. This type of massage can help improve blood flow and circulation to the neck and head area, which can lead to relief from headaches, migraines and neck pain.

During a neck to head massage, gentle to moderate pressure and stroking movements are applied to the neck and head. The recipient may sit or lie down and relax during the massage. 

Head and neck massages are also a simple and effective method of stress management, as they can help calm the mind and relax the body. So if you are suffering from neck pain, headaches or stress, a neck and head massage could be a worthwhile option to find relief.
The treatments I perform are not a substitute for medical treatment.

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