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It is an information medicine based on the experience of the Viennese life energy researcher Erich Körbler. It combines modern quantum physics with traditional radiesthesia and uses traditional Chinese medicine to paint symbols on acupuncture points. Amazing results can be achieved with the PraNeoHom method.

By painting symbols on pain and acupuncture points, the vibrations are changed and thus the entire energy system is brought back into balance. An important part of this method is the preparation of water for the person, which contains the right information for rebalancing, obtained with the help of a pendulum. PraNeoHom is very effective both on the physical and psychological level.

It is important to note that PraNeoHom is not an alternative to medical treatment and a doctor should always be consulted in the event of serious or acute illnesses.




Facial taping can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin and improve facial contours. It can also help improve circulation and lymph flow and reduce puffiness in the face.


Facial taping is like a gentle "lift."

The tape lifts the epidermis a little, thereby also loosening the underlying dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

It promotes blood and lymph flow

Blood and lymph fluids can circulate more easily, muscles and nerves are better supplied with nutrients and oxygen.This results in a massage-like, relaxing effect.



Cupping massage intensively stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow and thus tissue metabolism and supports regeneration of the skin and its ability to loosen adhesions in the fascia layer.

Cupping can help

  • reduce the formation of wrinkles

  • improve the elasticity and support functions of the skin

  • eliminate impurities and support a vital appearance


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